Broadcast License:

A Broadcast License allows individuals or companies to pay for media rights to use voiceovers in radio, television, or online ads within a specified market and time frame. These licenses usually come with geographic limitations (local, regional, national), medium restrictions (radio, television, online), set durations (e.g., 13 weeks, 1 year), and minimum budget requirements. While the typical duration applies, clients can also request custom terms, particularly for online advertising.

Again, Broadcast Licenses are needed for use of the voice over in radio, television, or online ads.

Non-Broadcast License:

A Non-Broadcast License provides unpaid media rights for perpetual use of voiceovers. This includes applications in organic social media, websites, events, PR campaigns, etc. This license has no geographical constraints and is relevant to various voice-over categories such as animation, audiobooks, documentaries, e-learning, movie trailers (excluding advertisements), podcasting, telephone (IVR systems), video games, video narration (excluding online ads), and voice assistants.

This distinction in licensing ensures clarity regarding the terms, usage scope, and compensation expectations for both parties involved.




Retakes (my mistakes) are included at no cost.

Revisions (changes made to the script after recording):

  • Minor Revisions (one or two words): $10

  • Major Revisions (more than two words): $25 minimum

  • Re-Reads => 40% of the original script: Original rate


Performance Retakes (undirected sessions):

For undirected sessions, where I am recording the files in my studio at my own direction and sending them to you, if you need me to re-do lines for performance reasons, I’m happy to do one round of Performance Retakes at no cost. Please try to communicate any and all direction and/or change of direction at this time. After the first round of retakes, subsequent rounds are charged as Revisions, above.

If retakes are required for pronunciation preferences that are not specified in advance either by a pronunciation guide or otherwise in writing, these will be treated as Revisions and are billable. Examples: “ee-ther” vs. “eye-ther,” “off-ten” vs. “off-en,” “oh” vs. “zero.” same goes for Arabic scripts.

When sending a change request, please highlight the lines in the original script or list the full sentence to be re-recorded, the sentence before, and the sentence after so I know what I’m talking about. If applicable, please include the time index of the video so I can better match tone and pace.

Please submit all change requests within 30 days of receiving the original recording. After 30 days, any and all change requests will be charged the original rates.



New and all international clients are billed upfront unless otherwise agreed upon.


Client expressly agrees not to utilize any portion of the recording or performance of Talent for purposes other than those specified in the initial Agreement between the parties including but not limited to creation of synthetic voices or for machine learning.

Specifically, Client shall not utilize any recording or performance of Talent to simulate Talent’s voice or likeness, or to create any synthesized or “digital double” voice or likeness of Talent.

Client specifically agrees not to sell or transfer ownership of all or part of any of the recordings or performance of Talent to any third party without Talent’s knowledge and consent.

Client agrees not to enter into any agreements or contracts on behalf of Talent which utilizes all or any part of any of the recordings or performance of Talent without Talent’s knowledge and consent.

Client agrees that any recordings or performances stored in digital format will be reasonably stored so that unauthorized third parties may not gain access to the files containing Talent’s voice or likeness, and if such files are stored in “the cloud.” Client agrees to safeguard same through encryption or other “up-to date” technological means.